Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

You rely heavily on your heating and cooling system year-round to keep you comfortable, so it’s important that your system always remains functional! Professional routine maintenance from an HVAC installation and repair company can prevent breakdowns and malfunctions before they happen. Argent offers planned maintenance of heating and cooling systems! We offer an annual maintenance plan and service of your systems, which includes seasonal inspections, discounts on products and services, and priority service. Even if you do not have a maintenance plan, Argent Heating and Cooling recommends that you have seasonal system checks to ensure your systems are working properly. We especially recommend you have your systems checked out before the height of the heating or cooling season so you can rest easy knowing your heating or cooling system will do its job all season long. Our routine, planned maintenance services will ensure your system stays efficient all season long, which not only keeps you comfortable but can also result in lower heating or cooling bills.



Planned Maintenance

HVAC or heating and cooling systems should receive professional routine maintenance to avoid complications! We provide two seasonal inspections a year, once in the fall for heating systems and once in the spring for cooling systems. During these sessions, our technicians will inspect systems for proper operation, inform you of any needed maintenance or repair to help prevent breakdown, ensure code and safety standards are met, and maintain efficiency during the height of the cooling or heating seasons. If your system is covered by a manufacturer’s equipment warranty, please read your booklet to learn about regular maintenance requirements.

Priority Emergency Service

We’re here to serve you in an emergency! If you have a Maintenance Plan and have an emergency breakdown or malfunction, our own dispatched service technicians will respond to your call first as a priority service call. After we assist Maintenance Plan customers, we then move on to our other customers who require emergency service. We offer emergency service both after hours and on weekends, so you can be sure you are always covered if you need it.


When you sign up for a maintenance plan, you are entitled to a 10% discount on service call fees, replacement parts, and labor. Most repairs are priced based on flat rate pricing. Our guide book can show you the savings that you can enjoy as a Service Contract holder. This discount can bring you big savings each year!

Why Argent Heating & Cooling?

Argent Heating & Cooling, an HVAC installation and repair company in Northern Virginia has served the region for over 30 years. Our highly trained technicians are knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated to your satisfaction. We understand the hassle that a malfunctioning or broken heating or cooling system can be, and we make it our mission to install your system or conduct repairs quickly and correctly the first time. We believe in honesty, loyalty, and open communication, and we use these qualities to drive everything we do. Make sure your heating and cooling system stays functional year-round!  Call 703-281-6300 to speak to our friendly customer service representative or ask your technician for our maintenance plan pricing!

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