Home Backup Generator Installation & Repair

Your home’s electric power is a crucial necessity that keeps the lights on and gives you hot water in the shower. It’s such a big part of your life that you may take it for granted, until something goes wrong. If your power goes out due to a storm or other incident, you’ll find yourself in a dark and cold house, which is not only uncomfortable but can be dangerous. A residential emergency generator will keep the power on in your home during a brief or lengthy power outage.

Argent Heating & Cooling provides generator installation, maintenance, and repair service to residential customers. Our expert technicians will accurately install your generator so you and your family will never be without power. Our technicians can also provide routine maintenance on your generator to ensure it keeps working for a long time to come. All generator installations are performed and serviced by our own in-house Argent certified technicians.

How Does a Generator Work?

A backup generator is installed outside of your home, similar to a heat pump or air conditioning unit. Generators convert mechanical energy, created in the engine, to electricity. Generators are powered by propane or natural gas. Depending on the manufacturer and model of the generator, one tank of fuel is usually enough to give power for 8 hours, but you may need to refill the tank for extended power outages.

For some generator models, you may have to turn your generator on manually when the power goes out. Or, if equipped with an automatic transfer switch, the generator will start automatically when the power goes out whether you are at home or away. Some generator models allow you to switch between manual and automatic control.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detection

Argent Heating & Cooling also provides smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation and repair. Both of these devices are crucial for you and your family’s safety and alert you of either a fire or high level of carbon monoxide. A smoke or carbon monoxide detector just may save your life, and you should never live with a malfunctioning or broken one. Our technicians will install or repair your smoke or carbon monoxide detector correctly the first time so you can be alerted if and when disaster strikes. We can also provide maintenance to keep your detector functioning properly.

Why Argent Heating & Cooling?

Argent Heating & Cooling, an HVAC installation and repair company in Northern Virginia, has served the region for over 30 years. Our highly trained technicians are knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated to your satisfaction. We understand the hassle that a power outage can be, and we make it our mission to install your generator or make repairs quickly and correctly the first time. We believe in honesty, loyalty, and open communication, and we use these qualities to drive everything we do.

At Argent, we have trusted experts in Generac generator installations, has been providing exceptional service in this industry for many years. Our technicians are highly qualified and can answer any questions you may have about Generac Generators.

We provide a fast and efficient installation process so you can get the most out of your new Generac Generator right away. With our cost-effective solutions, we’re able to meet your budget while ensuring quality workmanship. So if you want a Generac Generator installed quickly and correctly, look no further than Argent Heating & Cooling! Contact us today to learn more about our Generac Generator Installation options.

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