Maintenance Agreement Special

Maintenance Agreement Special for New Customers

For our new customers only, Argent Heating & Cooling will offer special prices for our maintenance agreement service contract subscribers.

Limited Time Maintenance Special:

Only $49.00 per HVAC system for your first year of service (Regular value of $269.00 per system)

This will include:
  • 2 Seasonal Inspections per year
  • 10% off parts, labor, and diagnostic fees

Sign up before it is too late!

*This special is for new customers only*

Our Planned Maintenance

HVAC or heating and cooling systems should receive professional routine maintenance to avoid complications! We provide two seasonal inspections a year, once in the fall for heating systems and once in the spring for cooling systems. During these sessions, our technicians will inspect systems for proper operation, inform you of any needed maintenance or repair to help prevent breakdown, ensure code and safety standards are met, and maintain efficiency during the height of the cooling or heating seasons. If your system is covered by a manufacturer’s equipment warranty, please read your booklet to learn about regular maintenance requirements.

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    Additional Limited Time Special

    $269.00 UV Light System with 2 year life expectancy lamp
    (Regular value of $429.00)


    How UV Lighting Can Benefit Your HVAC System

    UV light is important to our health and well-being, but its role in our society is often overlooked. UV radiation provides an effective means of disinfecting drinking water without using harmful chemicals. UV can also kill mold spores that are frequently found in bathrooms.

    UV lights aren’t just for basic sanitation purposes though – they can be used on air conditioners as well! An UV light treats the system’s supply air by killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other potential contaminants before they enter your home. A UV treated AC supply will make you feel healthier keep you from getting sick or injured. UV light can also help you save money on your energy bills since the UV light keeps the system from having to work as hard to maintain a more desirable temperature.