Carrier Partners

At Argent Heating & Cooling, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best service possible. In order to do this we only use the highest quality equipment. Our inventory of quality equipment includes a large assortment of Carrier heating and air-conditioning systems. Our employee’s, customers, and associates love the performance they get from their Carrier products and we are happy to provide it to them.

Why Do We Use Carrier Products?

Air Quality

  • Having clean air inside you home keep you and your family safe, so why risk it? Carrier HVAC units a wide range of air quality solutions, including humidifiers, ventilators, ultraviolet lamps, air filters and monitors. As part of your home heating and cooling solution, they can help reduce or even eliminate many allergens and harmful air pollutants.


  • Setting your thermostat to a specific temperature shouldn’t  leave you uncomfortable. When you set your thermostat your Carrier HVAC system corrects to that temperature and keeps it there. Minor adjustments are made frequently so that you stay at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.


  • Carrier heating and cooling products are among the world’s most energy efficient in the industry. You shouldn’t have to worry about your HVAC system wasting more of your hard earned money. Carrier products are engineered to save you money and headaches.


  • In the dead of winter or summer the last thing you need failing on you is your HVAC system. That’s why Carrier commits itself to using the best components in their products. We use Carrier products because we want to keep you and your family safe and comfortable.

Ease of Installation

  • The team at Carrier not only cares about how their products perform but also how easy they are to install and maintenance. This allows our team to give our customers a quality experience in a short amount of time. This means if you ever have an issue, our team will be able to fix it with speed and accuracy.

Argent HVAC & Carrier

At Argent Heating & Cooling, we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers every day. We use Carrier HVAC units because they give us the ability to combine our high quality services with their high quality products. At the end of the day Carrier allows us to perform at our very best, day in and day out.