A Guide to Upgrading Your Thermostat

A Guide to Upgrading Your Thermostat

Even if your home has a high-end, sophisticated HVAC system, indoor climate control is impossible without a functioning thermostat. Yet the latest developments in home comfort technology have introduced a bevy of advanced thermostat systems and control options. Plus, choosing the ideal device for your home and new thermostat installation is a breeze with the help of an HVAC professional. 

Argent Heating & Cooling provides reliable maintenance and installation services to Washington, DC, Metro area homeowners. Our top-of-the-line products and award-winning services keep your HVAC and thermostat systems up-to-date and running smoothly. To learn more about our heating and cooling services, call (703) 281-6300 today. 

Below, we discuss what you should know about thermostat upgrades:

Why Upgrade your Thermostat? 

Whether sweltering in the summer or freezing in the winter, your home’s indoor temperature will determine your comfort therein. If you cannot control that temperature, invest in a thermostat upgrade. Moreover, sudden home temperature shifts, high energy bills, or inaccurate temperature readings indicate that you could benefit from upgrading. 

Modern thermostat technology blends user-friendly operations with comprehensive control over your heating and cooling capabilities. For instance, their heating and cooling schedule settings allow you to adjust your home to desired temperatures throughout the day. 

Furthermore, the design of modern thermostats features a prominent display screen with large, easy-to-read numbers that spare you from squinting. With the affordable rates at Argent Heating & Cooling, your new thermostat installation cost will be gentle on your pockets.

From Old to New

If you plan to install a thermostat upgrade yet keep your old HVAC unit, check the compatibility between the two systems. Discordance between them will negate any desired features. Virtually all HVAC systems of decades ago heated and cooled spaces as a single zone. Yet large, modern homes with advanced thermostat systems often feature multiple zones that can vary in temperature.

Additionally, some thermostat systems can pair with smartphones for more flexibility over temperature control. No matter where you are, these smart thermostats allow you to maintain your home’s temperature. Consider which features will improve your daily life when choosing the right thermostat for your home.

Opt for Professional Installation

New Thermostat Installation Washington DC Metro Area

Thermostat installation involves more than replacing your old device with a new one. It requires a comprehensive understanding of your home’s electrical wiring and, in some cases, wiring repair. Incorrect installation can lead to system malfunction and even damage your new device. 

Instead of attempting a complex new thermostat installation and setup alone, rely on the expertise of local heating and cooling professionals. You can bypass reading complicated manuals and instead receive personalized assistance every step of the way, from product selection to expert installation. 

Professional New Thermostat Installation in the Washington, DC, Metro Area! 

For 30+ years, Argent Heating & Cooling has installed and maintained reliable HVAC systems in the Washington, DC, Metro area. Our efficient new thermostat installation services will smooth the upgrading process and put temperature control back in your hands. For more information on all our HVAC services, call (703) 281-6300 today.