Situations That Call for Emergency Maintenance Services

Situations That Call for Emergency Maintenance Services

Living in an apartment comes with annoying responsibilities, like maintenance issues that strike at the most inconvenient moments. From a leaky faucet that disrupts your peaceful morning routine or a refrigerator that stops running to a sudden power outage that leaves you stumbling in the dark, these unforeseen problems can turn your cozy haven into a chaotic mess. Yet hiring emergency maintenance services can be a game-changer, especially in the fast-paced Washington, DC, Metro area.


Rather than attempt to fix those maintenance issues alone, turn to Argent Heating & Cooling. Our professional technicians offer HVAC, generator, radiant heating, and further repair and maintenance services. While tackling these problems without professional assistance often worsens the situation, using our trained and certified professionals knocks out these tasks efficiently and safely. Learn more about our service options or schedule an appointment by calling (703) 281-6300.

When is Emergency Maintenance Called For?


  1. Water Heater Breakdown

Although out of sight, water heaters fulfill a crucial function in every home. Therefore, a stop in their functioning amounts to an emergency. Argent’s technicians can provide emergency and scheduled maintenance for water heaters, the latter of which may prevent the former from occurring. Ask these professionals about easy upkeep.

  1. Electrical Emergencies

Complete power outages, sparking outlets, exposed wires, and frequently tripped circuit breakers may indicate hazardous electrical situations. Such problems could result in fires, electrocution, or damage to expensive electronic equipment.


Call emergency maintenance services without delay to help keep your family safe and prevent additional damage. Electrical issues should never be taken lightly, and professional assistance is the safest way to address them.

  1. HVAC Failuresemergency maintenance services Washington, DC, Metro area

Around the Washington, DC, Metro area, summers can be scorching and winters freezing. Thus, an HVAC system breakdown presents a severe inconvenience and compromises your comfort. Extreme temperatures can also impact the health and well-being of residents, especially vulnerable populations such as older adults or infants.


If your apartment’s heating or cooling system fails during extreme weather conditions, contact emergency maintenance services to restore its functionality. Better yet, schedule annual maintenance with Argent so that we can catch and correct issues before they spiral out of control.

  1. Critical Appliance Failures

While not all appliance failures require immediate attention, certain situations can qualify as emergencies. For instance, a broken refrigerator can lead to food spoilage and health hazards, particularly in warm climates. Similarly, a malfunctioning stove or oven can disrupt meal preparation, especially if it is the sole cooking appliance in the apartment. 


Appliance failures that affect essential functions and impact your daily life necessitate emergency maintenance services. Likewise, a generator malfunction can create an emergency if a storm is imminent. Calling Argent can help minimize the disruption and inconvenience caused by the malfunctioning appliance.

Rely on Emergency Maintenance Services in the Washington, DC, Metro Area

Residents and renters in the Washington, DC, Metro area can call Argent Heating & Cooling for emergency maintenance services. Our team offers HVAC, generator, appliance, and more maintenance and repair services for families. We guarantee knowledgeable solutions and high-quality services from our technicians. Call (703) 281-6300 to learn more or to schedule a service appointment.