How a Geothermal Heating Installation Can Cut Your Energy Costs

How a Geothermal Heating Installation Can Cut Your Energy Costs

A geothermal heating system can cut energy costs by up to 80%. Its on-site electricity generator and low maintenance make it a reliable “green” option that’s becoming more popular among homeowners. However, geothermal heating system installation is no DIY project. Instead, contact your local geothermal heating installation company to discuss the benefits of geothermal heating and whether such a system would suit your needs.

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Below, we discuss how geothermal heating systems can reduce your energy costs:

What is Geothermal Heating?

Geothermal heating systems harness air from just below the Earth’s surface using a heat pump and buried pipe systems, which transfer underground air into your home and vice versa. During the summer, the geothermal system draws heat from your home and replaces it with cool underground air. During winter, it draws heat from the ground and pumps it into your home. 

What Are the Benefits?

  1. Design flexibility – Professionals can install geothermal heat pump systems in new and existing structures (the latter through retrofit). Moreover, since the systems leverage underground temperatures, they work well in most climates. Finally, geothermal systems can provide air for multiple zones in a structure, each of which you can control individually.

  2. Minor required maintenance – Due to its underground functioning, geothermal heating has few visible parts. These systems need no rooftop units and facilitate significant design flexibility. They also require far less upkeep than conventional systems.

  3. Energy efficiency – One of this heating system’s critical benefits, geothermal heating systems are energy efficient. They reduce energy consumption—and corresponding emissions—up to 44% compared to air-source heat pumps and 72% compared to electric resistance heating systems.

Invest in a geothermal heating system for low-maintenance, energy-efficient HVAC. A qualified geothermal heating installation company can do the job for you at an affordable rate.

Geothermal Systems vs. Other Options

If you’re debating geothermal heating against air-source heat pumps, note that both transport heat energy from one place to another but diverge in how they operate. Geothermal systems utilize underground temperatures, while air-source heating systems use above-ground air. While the former are more expensive upfront and require more space, they have longer lifespans and work more efficiently than the latter.

When we compare geothermal vs. forced air systems, forced-air systems use air ducts and vents to distribute air throughout your home, which inevitably produces sounds. Geothermal systems, however, direct hot indoor air into the cool ground and vice versa by implementing basic scientific principles, processes that create little sound. By contrast, central AC systems fight gravity as they force indoor heat into the hot outdoors, consuming massive amounts of energy and producing significant noise.

How Does Geothermal Heating Save You Money?

Geothermal Heating Installation Washington DC Metro Area

Geothermal heat pumps don’t generate heat, just transfer it from the ground into your home or vice versa. For every unit of system energy used, 4 units of heat energy are transferred. Only one-third to one-fourth of the power comes from electricity consumption—the rest comes from the ground!

Since geothermal heating systems don’t use fuel, you’re cutting out its costs completely. As the prices of natural gas, propane, and heating oil increase, so do the savings associated with geothermal heating increase.

The Installation Process

Geothermal heating system installation requires specialized technical HVAC knowledge and expert hands to install the piping. Contact your local geothermal heating installation company to handle the job and your insurance provider to check whether your plan covers geothermal pumps.

Qualified Geothermal Heating Installation in the Washington, DC, Metro Area

Geothermal heating systems are an ideal energy-efficient home heating option for those looking to be sustainable and comfortable in their homes. Argent Heating & Cooling is a geothermal heating installation company serving residents of the Washington, DC, Metro Area. Our highly trained and experienced technicians meet your needs with high-quality work and excellent customer service. Contact us at (703) 281-6300 for a free project estimate!