How to Prepare Your Heating System for Winter

How to Prepare Your Heating System for Winter

Savvy homeowners always prepare their heating system before winter. Doing so ensures that they are ready for the cold weather that awaits. You can take several simple steps to ensure your heating system keeps your home warm this winter: consider changing your air filter, testing your heating system, uncovering vents, and more. Most important of all, call your local HVAC company for regular heating maintenance services.

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Below, we outline some steps you can take to prepare your heating system for winter:

Change Your Filter

Before the outdoor temperature drops and you start cranking up the heat, change your air filter and preserve indoor air quality. A dirty air filter can lead to reduced airflow, an accumulation of dust and other particulates in the air, and more problems. 

Additionally, a dirty air filter can stress your system and lead to higher energy bills and a reduced system lifespan. Again, changing your air filter before winter prevents such issues and keeps your heating system running efficiently.

Test Your Heating System

Nothing is worse than a broken furnace or heat pump during a blistering snowstorm. So, ensure your heating system is working before outdoor temperatures drop. You can test your heating system by changing your thermostat to “heat” and checking whether warm air comes from the vents. If it does not, contact your HVAC technician for timely repairs. 

Such testing also presents a significant opportunity to identify dirty or worn-out parts. You can inform a technician about your suspicions, and they can check on the status of those parts.

Uncover Your Registers or Radiators

Closed vents force your heating system to work harder than usual, which increases wear and tear. They also create uneven airflow, making your indoor air feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Uncovering air vents and radiators helps prevent moisture and condensation buildup, thus preserving your walls, floors, and furniture. 

So, instead of covering up air vents this winter, move furniture and other obstructions away from them. Your wallet and your home will thank you.

Inspect Heating System Ventilation

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Proper ventilation is essential for a well-functioning heating system. Indeed, such systems not only operate efficiently but also last longer than unventilated systems. Furthermore, ventilation helps to prevent the buildup of dangerous gasses, such as carbon monoxide. For these reasons, inspect your heating system’s ventilation and make sure it remains unobstructed. 

If you have any questions, ask a professional for help. Taking a few minutes to check helps ensure your heating system is safe and efficient for the upcoming season.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

Finally, ensure your carbon monoxide detector is working. Although not a direct part of your heating system, a CO detector keeps everyone inside your home safe, especially during the winter when everyone tends to stay indoors. 

To test the detector, push its “test” button and check if it’s working. If it produces no sound, replace the system’s batteries. If the alarm sounds any time, exit your home until a professional deems it safe to return.

Schedule Regular Heating Maintenance in the Washington, DC, Metro Area

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