5 Ways to Keep Your AC Unit Running Smoothly

5 Ways to Keep Your AC Unit Running Smoothly

On a steaming hot summer day, nothing’s worse than an AC unit breakdown. Yet you can avoid that scenario by adjusting how you use your AC unit. We recommend you ensure proper thermostat placement, set appropriate indoor temperatures, invest in a smart thermostat, and more. Should things go awry, you can employ professional AC repair services.

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Below, we outline 5 ways to keep your AC unit in working order:

1. Place Your Thermostat Properly

First, ensure your system’s thermostat provides accurate readings by placing it at the center of your home. Thermostats are sensitive devices, liable to influence by sunlight, drafts, and other elements. As a result, your HVAC will adjust the interior temperature for that inaccurate reading.

So, avoid this issue with careful thermostat placement. Speak to your HVAC technician about proper installation practices and preventing external influences.

2. Set Reasonable Temperatures

Assuming you can trust your thermostat’s accuracy, set your interior temperature to a few degrees warmer than ideal during the day. Doing so prevents your AC unit from overworking during hot months. This practice slows wear and tear and helps you save money on energy bills. 

To clarify, we aren’t suggesting you maintain desert-like temperatures in your home. If you set cool temperatures rather than freezing ones, you can prevent your unit from working overtime.

3. Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can help you adhere to the above suggestions. First, it will use multiple sensors throughout the home to collect numerous readings for an accurate sense of indoor conditions.

Second, a smart thermostat will use this data to implement a zoning system—a sequence of custom temperature zones throughout the home. In other words, you can automatically regulate the temperature of different areas of your home based on day and time. For instance, you might program the thermostat to cool your bedroom at night and then cool the kitchen in the morning.

4. Create Ample Shade

Close your drapes and blinds as much as possible, especially on the hottest days at the hottest times. Doing so will work wonders in keeping your home cool and avoiding an overworked AC unit

Moreover, provide shade for your outdoor AC components. Fences, hedges, small plants, and other objects can obstruct the sun and help these elements operate more efficiently. Keeping your outdoor unit cool helps to lower indoor temperatures and energy bills. Also, avoid placing objects or plants too close to the unit—give it some breathing room!

5. Change Filters and Schedule Regular Maintenance

Most filters claim to last up to 3 months, though you should change your filter every month for maximum efficiency (especially during the hot summer months). Change the filter even if it doesn’t look dirty. You can increase efficiency and reduce the stress put on your AC unit.

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Moreover, schedule regular maintenance with an HVAC technician. Don’t wait for immediate problems to care for your AC unit. Preventive maintenance can avoid headaches and expensive emergency repairs or replacements in the future. Despite the up-front costs, preventative care can save you time and money in the long run.

Expert AC Repair Services in the Washington, DC, Metro Area

Argent Heating & Cooling offers excellent AC repair services to residents of the Washington, DC, Metro area. With regular maintenance and repair from Argent, you’ll be sure to have a functioning AC unit for a comfortable home year-round. If your AC unit is beyond repair, we install state-of-the-art, high SEER systems that are efficient and save you money. For all things HVAC, look to us and call (703) 281-6300 today.