How to Care for Your Water Heater During the Summer

How to Care for Your Water Heater During the Summer

While furnaces get a break during summer, water heaters must continue to produce hot water for dishwashing, laundering, and bathing. Indeed, water heaters operate year-round. Yet you can protect their functioning with the help of seasonal maintenance. Protect your water heater’s longevity by lowering the temperature, checking for leaks, and replacing the anode rod. Entrust a professional technician with your water heater maintenance this summer. 

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Below, we explain how you can care for your water heater this summer:

Lower the Temperature

You can lower your water temperature by about 5 degrees during the summer when you are not using as much hot water. Doing so gives your water heater a break from operating at high temperatures and lowers your energy bill.

Ask your HVAC technician to adjust the maximum temperature when they perform seasonal heating and cooling maintenance. As part of summer maintenance, your technician should ensure that your water heater can operate efficiently before changing the temperature. 

The optimal temperature for your water heater is usually between 110-120 degrees. This range is ideal for people who want hot water that kills bacteria while maintaining low energy consumption.

Check for Leaks

Water Heater Maintenance Washington DC Metro Area

Check your water heater regularly for leaks. If you discover a puddle of water around it, then contact your technician for maintenance. Such leaks can damage the area surrounding your water heater and create grave problems.

Water heater leaks may arise due to a system failure, which may require replacement. Most water heaters last about 6-13 years with regular maintenance, so knowing the age of your water heater can help you determine when it’s time for a replacement. Moreover, upgrading your water heater can prevent unexpected breakdowns and lower your water bill.

Depending on the cause, a professional may need to fix your water heater to correct a leak. Such leaks may be due to poor water pressure, a faulty tank, or a bad gasket, which your technician can address.

Replace the Anode Rod

Anode rods, made from aluminum, attach to the inside of your water tank. They collect mineral elements to protect your water tank from corrosion, thus allowing it to heat water more efficiently.

Homeowners should contact an experienced technician to replace the anode rod every 4-5 years to keep their water tank in good condition. The serviceperson can also ensure a proper replacement for you. 

Reliable Water Heater Maintenance in the Washington, DC, Metro Area

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