How to Protect Your Home from a House Fire

How to Protect Your Home from a House Fire

You reap no reward from neglecting your home’s smoke detectors. Instead, keep your property and family safe with properly installed and operational smoke detectors. Additionally, consider the extra protection that installing Smart smoke detectors can provide. But, no matter which model you choose, trust a professional service technician with your smoke detector installation.

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Below, we outline how to protect your home from house fire:

Proper Smoke Detector Installation

By law, all homes must have smoke detectors on every level. You should ensure you have one installed in each bedroom as well as outside sleeping areas. Recently built homes usually come with hardwired smoke detectors that are interconnected. Thus, when one module detects smoke, all module alarms sound off. 

Since these systems come hardwired, have them updated or serviced by a professional. New models offer more reliable systems for greater protection.

Effective Smoke Detector Operation

Test your smoke detectors monthly by pressing each’s button designed for this function. Should one not work, contact Argent for a replacement.

To protect your smoke detectors’ operation, dust and vacuum them every month. Moreover, change their batteries once every year or whenever you hear a smoke detector beeping. Finally, have your smoke detectors replaced every 10 years.

Smart Smoke Detectors

If you have yet to consider this option, ask a technician about adding Smart smoke detectors to your home. These models connect to Wi-Fi and send notifications to your phone when they detect smoke. 

Smart smoke detectors also notify your local emergency department in the event of a fire. You can cancel false alarms and check notifications when you are away from your home. Truly, Smart-enabled models offer an extra layer of protection. 

Smoke Detector Installation Services in the Washington, DC, Metro Area

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