How to Know if You Need an Electric Air Cleaner

How to Know if You Need an Electric Air Cleaner

If you experience constant stuffiness, allergic reactions, or similar symptoms while home, consider installing an electric air cleaner or purifier. Indeed, you have a great variety of types from which to choose. But first, learn about how air purifiers work and the major types that exist. Also, ask a professional for an indoor air quality test and use the results to determine which electric air cleaner installation would suit you and your home.

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Below, we explain what electric air cleaners are, the main types, and how to determine whether you need one:

What Are Electric Air Cleaners?

Electric air cleaners remove airborne particles to improve your home’s indoor air quality. Their purification process uses either electrostatic power or ultra-violet (UV) light, which charges airborne particles so they stick to internal plates with an opposite charge located inside the unit.

Professionals sort different models into a few categories, including electronic air purifiers or electrostatic precipitators (ESPs), ionizers (i.e., ion generators), and UV & photo-catalytic oxidizers (PCOs). Since each category’s models work in distinct ways, they require slightly different maintenance. Asl a professional determine which suits you and your home.

How Can I Tell if I Need an Electric Air Cleaner?

Electric Air Cleaner Installation Washington DC Metro Area

You should consider investing in an air cleaner if you suffer from symptoms of air pollutants or notice signs including:

  • Stuffy Air: Indoor air feels “stuffy” if it lacks a way to circulate and filter. Signs of such stuffiness also include odd odors and troubled breathing.

  • Sneezing & Snoring: Both common products of allergens, sneezing and snoring can indicate the presence of pollen and other airborne particles in your home. Have an air purifier for allergens installed if you recognize these symptoms.

  • Large Airborne Particles: You might sometimes notice large, visible particles in the air (especially in sunlight). They likely come from poor ventilation or air filtration. Like dust, these particles will collect in corners throughout your home.

Please note that buying and installing an electronic air cleaner yourself may just be a band-aid on the situation. You should allow a professional to inspect your indoor air quality and give suggestions for your home.

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