3 Habits that Affect Your Heating System

3 Habits that Affect Your Heating System

Whether you know it or not, your daily habits affect your heating system. Thus, you should understand the basics of the system’s maintenance: the effects of changing furnace filters, the benefits of routine tune-ups, and the protocols of proper use. You can preserve your heating system with good habits and a local heating maintenance service for regular check-ups and repairs.


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Below, we describe 3 habits that affect your heating system:

Changing Your Furnace Filters

If your home has a combined AC/heater system, then its heating and cooling capacities use the same air filters. These filters prevent dust, hair, lint, and other particles from entering your system’s internal components. Thus, having your HVAC filters changed every 3 months protects those delicate components.


Without a clean filter, particles can accumulate on the fans, valves, and motor that operate within the furnace. The unit must then compensate for decreased functionality, which increases wear and tear on it.


But Argent Heating & Cooling offers planned maintenance to inspect your HVAC systems twice a year as well as change your furnace filter. You can schedule additional services to have your filters changed before planned visits.

Scheduling Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance minimizes the risk of unresolved issues with your furnace. Indeed, you should have your heating system inspected bi-annually to ensure its proper functioning. Ignoring minor issues can allow them to become larger ones that require major repair or replacement. So, contact your HVAC service provider if you notice any problems, such as your furnace failing to reach the set temperature


As part of our fall planned maintenance inspection, we initiate your humidifier and inspect your heater. In the spring, we check again for any problems that may have occurred during the winter while also preparing your system for summer.

Practicing Proper Use

Your furnace vent use affects your heating system’s internal pressure. If you close the vents while the furnace is on, pressure can build up in the system. The heated air then escapes and more energy is required to keep your house at your set temperature. 


Furthermore, frequent adjustment of the furnace’s temperature requires more energy use. You should set your thermostat to your desired level then allow the furnace to adjust the temperature gradually. Doing so helps prevent your heating system from overworking. 

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