How Our Technicians Can Keep Your Water Heater Running for a Decade

How Our Technicians Can Keep Your Water Heater Running for a Decade

Water heaters can last a mere 6 years or up to 13 years, depending on how often they receive maintenance. Routine maintenance improves the performance and preserves the lifespan of your water heater. During a regular check, a service professional can see whether the pressure-release valve or anode rod needs replacement. They can also drain sediment and measure the temperature of your water heater. So, schedule an appointment with your local water heater maintenance service once or twice a year to keep your water heater in good condition.


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Below, we discuss how our technicians can lengthen the lifespan of your water heater:

  1. Replace the Pressure-Release Valve
    First, note that there are some important differences between gas and electric water heaters. Gas water heaters with tanks are the traditional choice for homes, but electric models appear in houses across the country. Still, this discussion will focus on gas-powered models with tanks.

    A pressure-release valve regulates the water pressure within the water tank. During an inspection, we make sure it is operating properly. A
    broken valve can cause your water tank to explode under certain conditions. 

    To test the valve, we turn off the water tank and cold water supply, then lift and release the valve. If water continues coming out of the valve after release, we will drain the tank and replace the valve.

  2. Replace the Anode Rod
    Water tanks have anode rods, made of either magnesium or aluminum, which prevent water tank interiors from rusting. We check whether the anode rods are intact by inspecting their size and whether they have calcium buildup. 

    Although inexpensive, anode rods have a significant influence on the longevity of your water tank. Therefore, you should have it replaced when it wears down.

  3. Drain Sediments
    A simple but effective procedure for maintaining your water tank’s lifespan is to drain it of sediments. Sediments can build up in the bottom of your water tank, diminishing the quality of your water and making it more difficult for your water tank to perform.

    We remove water sediments by draining the water from the tank and letting the water supply run until it is clean.

  4. Check Temperature Levels
    water heater maintenance service in Washington DC

    When performing routine maintenance, we also check the temperature of your water tank. Your water heater should be set at the correct temperature upon installation, but double-checking that temperature ensures it continues to function properly.

    120° is an appropriate temperature for residential water heaters. Any higher is unnecessary, and every 10 degrees can increase your energy bill by 5%!

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