How to Avoid the Most Common Winter Heating Problems

How to Avoid the Most Common Winter Heating Problems

HVAC systems can be fickle, especially their heating components. Whether it generates minimal–or no–warmth, cycles on and off, or produces high energy bills, your system can create serious problems if you neglect its maintenance. Instead, schedule annual or biannual expert home maintenance services to save yourself money and extend your system’s life.

At Argent Heating & Cooling, we seek to provide the best in-home maintenance services to customers throughout the Washington, DC, Metro area. Our team of HVAC experts has over 30 years of industry experience, which places us among the most established service providers in the region. We offer repairs, replacements, and installations as well as indoor air quality assessments, scheduled maintenance visits, and more. If you need servicing for your home’s appliances, contact Argent today.

Below, we discuss the most common issues among heating systems during winter and how you can avoid them:

Little To No Heat

A common issue with heating systems is a sudden loss of warm air. For instance, when you turn on your heater for the winter, you may find that it produces little to no warmth. The cause of this malfunction may be clogged filters and/or a lack of maintenance.

Air filters congested with dust, dander, and other pollutants prevent warm air from entering your home. Alternatively, your HVAC system’s components–such as the furnace or heat pump–may be clogged with dust and grime. 

Clogged components and filters can cause your system to overheat. Depending on the type of system you have, it may automatically switch from heating to cooling and send cold air into your home.

To avoid these outcomes, check your air filters at least once a month. If they appear clogged, call an HVAC maintenance technician to inspect your system, clear out the significant blockage, and/or change the filters.

Short Cycling

Another common problem with heating systems is called short cycling, during which the system repeatedly turns on, releases warm air, then shuts off. To clarify, heating systems should cycle on and off throughout the day. Doing so keeps your home at your desired temperature. 

However, if you notice frequent and quick system cycles, your heating may be short cycling. It indicates the presence of a malfunction within your heating system that should be corrected. 

As above, clogged air filters may be the cause. They may make the system overheat, which causes it to shut off then turn right back on again when its sensors find that your home hasn’t reached the desired temperature. Alternatively, cycling can occur due to poor home insulation. Improper insulation allows the heat to escape, forcing your system to compensate. 

Moreover, a dysfunctional thermostat or faulty wiring can induce short cycling. In either case, your home’s heating requires maintenance to avoid further issues. 

Higher Than Average Bills

Finally, this winter ramping up, many homeowners will struggle with the annual rise in their heating bills. Dramatic cost increases may be due to many outside factors as well as some indoor ones. For instance:

  1. Your system is outdated and dysfunctional, working at a far lower efficiency than newer models would.

  2. There are leaks throughout your home, including ducts, windows, doorways, and home insulation. Leaks allow cold, outdoor air in and warm, indoor air out.

To maintain your home heating system’s efficiency, turn to the home maintenance experts at Argent Heating & Cooling. We offer outstanding solutions and thorough inspections to any issues that affect your home, including insulation, indoor air leaks, outdated components, and more.  

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