The Most Common Furnace Problems

The Most Common Furnace Problems

Even while looking forward to spring, we are forced to huddle beneath warm blankets during cold autumn nights. However, what’s worse is waking up to your home’s furnace producing no heat, making odd sounds, or smelling like gas. Thankfully, professional furnace repair services are available throughout the Washington, DC, Metro area from Argent Heating & Cooling.

For over 30 years, Argent has provided the region with HVAC, generator, and appliance maintenance and installation. Locally owned and veteran-operated, we support homeowners by offering expert appliance repairs and knowledge. Our technicians bring honesty and integrity to their work, delivering services that are honed by decades of experience. Contact us today for furnace repair or further information. 

Below, we outline the typical problems that occur in furnace-heated homes as well as their potential causes:

Prevalent Furnace Problems

  1. Thermostat troubles
    A malfunctioning or non-functioning thermostat is the most common kind of furnace issue. But this device–which adjusts your home’s heat level to the settings that you program–constitutes a complex piece of a heating system. Thus, thermostat issues require professional repair.

    These problems may spring from one of many causes. For instance, your furnace may not produce heat because the thermostat is off. You can avoid a service call by either replacing its batteries or changing its circuit breaker fuse. However, a technician should handle issues stemming from faulty wiring.

  2. Age and condition
    Although well-maintained furnaces can last for many years, they eventually lose potency. Keep track of your furnace’s age and warranty period so that, if problems arise, you can consider its lifespan.

    Purchasing and installing a new furnace may save more money than constant repairs to an older model. We suggest that you check out the tax rebates and credits offered for energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment.

  3. A gas smell
    A pervading scent of gas in your home may signal a major problem–a leak. If the stench is strong, you and any other occupants should leave immediately and contact the gas company. Gas leaks present major health risks in addition to mechanical issues.

  4. Furnace not producing heat
    More mundane than a leak, a furnace that produces no heat ranks with thermostat problems in severity. Specifically, its occurrence is a nuisance and its cause may be one of several things. Along with age and condition, your furnace may not function due to a faulty safety switch, pilot light, or blower.

    Beyond inoperable parts, some aspects of the furnace system may require upkeep. This situation calls for a professional, who may inspect your gas line or burner flames for debris. They may also check the ignition switch, pilot light, or flame sensor for issues.

  5. Furnace not producing enough heat
    As equally irritating as no heat, a furnace that produces inadequate heat also calls for a technician’s advice. They may need to oil the furnace’s blower, replace its filter, check the limit switch, and inspect the burner’s flames. If your furnace cycles on and off rapidly, a technician may need to check the blower’s motor and belt.

    Sometimes, the cause may be even simpler: blocked vents or intake. Walk around your home and ensure that all your air vents can release heat freely. Likewise, your heat pumps/intake and exhaust vents should be free of leaves and debris. And the space directly around the furnace should be clear to ensure everyone’s safety.

  6. Noisy furnace/ductwork
    While some sounds may come naturally from a furnace, loud squeaks and rattles should not. If you notice frequent sounds from either the furnace itself or its ductwork, you may face a mechanical problem. A professional may need to insulate the ductwork or adjust the pilot light. 

Furnace Repair and Installation Services Available in the Washington, DC, Metro Area

While summer wraps up and the fall season begins, ensure that your furnace finishes the season right. Call Argent Heating & Cooling for a professional furnace repair or inspection service. As one of the Washington, DC, Metro area’s best service providers, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. Our team can handle all your heating and cooling needs along with appliance installation and maintenance. Call us today at (703) 281-6300 or fill out our online form to schedule a service appointment.