4 Reasons to Schedule A Fall HVAC Maintenance Check

4 Reasons to Schedule A Fall HVAC Maintenance Check

While temperatures hit triple digits in the Washington, DC, Metro area, you may doubt that autumn is approaching. Still, August is winding down and September brings the start of fall. Is your HVAC ready for the shift? Schedule a maintenance check to verify your system’s functionality, maintain its efficiency, sustain indoor air quality, and more. Turn to a reliable home maintenance service provider: Argent Heating & Cooling.

We are the region’s one-stop shop for HVAC, generator, and radiant heating installation and repair. Additionally, we offer indoor air quality testing and planned maintenance services. Our commitment to outstanding customer service springs from our company’s values: honesty, integrity, and loyalty. We’ve worked throughout the region for 39 years, and we’ll continue delivering the superb craftsmanship that has brought us this far. Contact us today to schedule a maintenance call or learn more.

Below, we outline 5 reasons that you should schedule a fall HVAC maintenance check:

1. Keep Your System Clear and Running

A central air HVAC system (as opposed to a window unit) has both indoor and outdoor components. Both portions work best when free from obstructions, yet both can be blocked or hampered by outside materials. During inspections, our technicians check these vulnerable spots first.

The outdoor unit holds a fan, condenser coil, and compressor. Manufacturers design these units to endure weather conditions, but plant debris such as leaves, twigs, and grass can end up penetrating them and interfering with the unit’s interior parts.

The indoor unit has an evaporator coil and a fan to circulate cool air throughout the structure. Also, ductwork connects to the unit and snakes throughout the structure to distribute the air. Unused belongings may get stacked against the unit itself, while any number of obstructions can block the vents in your house.

2. Maintain Efficiency and Reduce Bills

Summer heat and winter chill can be expensive to stave off, so energy efficiency is crucial to saving you money. The less power your system uses, the less money you will spend on monthly fees. Maintenance checks can keep your HVAC system working at its optimal level. 

We’ve named energy efficiency one of the top reasons to schedule planned maintenance. Our routine checks involve testing motors, inspecting components, and checking fluid levels. By doing so, we can catch minor problems before they become major and cost a fortune to fix.

3. Sustain Indoor Air Quality and Occupants’ Health

Besides regulating the indoor temperature, your HVAC also circulates air throughout your home. But a malfunctioning HVAC system may disperse polluted air, which puts all inhabitants–especially those with respiratory conditions–at risk.

The health effects of poor air quality include headaches, fatigue, sinus irritation, and long-term respiratory conditions. Furthermore, poor air quality often indicates a larger problem in an HVAC system. A planned maintenance check helps to prevent these outcomes. 

When an Argent technician stops by, they’ll perform a full inspection of your system. Some maintenance may be required, such as switching out air filters. Their visit also presents an opportunity for you to ask any questions or bring up concerns. 

4. Catch Small Repairs Before They Become Major Problems

These days, HVAC systems usually last between 12 and 15 years, though it depends on individual circumstances. That said, you can extend your HVAC’s life with annual or semiannual checks, arresting minor problems before they worsen.

Even if your system requires a major repair, its price may come in lower than an overall replacement. If you find yourself in such a dilemma, call us for more information.

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Even while summer’s dog days drag on, remember that fall will come all too soon. Prepare your home by calling the Washington, DC, Metro area’s home maintenance service provider: Argent Heating & Cooling. We provide HVAC, generator, and radiant heat installation and repairs along with indoor air quality checks and planned maintenance. Our commitment to great customer service has led to our long and successful track record, and now we want to help you. Call us today at (703) 281-6300 or fill out our contact form online.