3 Benefits of Getting Planned Maintenance

3 Benefits of Getting Planned Maintenance

Many homeowners neglect to maintain their HVAC on a regular basis, leading to shorter unit lifespans, inefficient performance, and higher utility bills. We recommend having an Argent Heating & Cooling expert in the Washington DC Metro area perform planned HVAC maintenance to help you save more and avoid the hassle. 

At Argent Heating & Cooling, we help you prevent stressful HVAC breakdowns and malfunctions. We also offer annual maintenance plans that include seasonal inspections, discounts on products and services, and priority service. Schedule your planned HVAC maintenance with our skilled team today!

Below we discuss the importance of planned HVAC maintenance: 

3 Top Benefits of Professional Planned Maintenance

  • Longer Lifespan

Routine heating and cooling maintenance will also keep you proactive in preventing unit failures and costly repairs or replacements. Our heating and cooling technicians are detail-oriented and will bring any potential warning signs to your attention before they worsen to ensure your HVAC lasts longer.

  • Better Efficiency

Your heating and cooling will function efficiently as long as you are checking it often. You can learn about your unit’s specific maintenance requirements by reading the manufacturer’s equipment warranty, but our team is also familiar with checking these requirements to ensure it’s performing as necessary. While it’s always good to have a general maintenance checklist, allow our team to help you determine what’s best for your unit. We also offer emergency services after hours as well as over the weekend to ensure our customers are always taken care of.

  • Lower Utility Expenses

Whenever your heating and cooling unit is broken or if your home has leaks, it will try to work harder than usual to keep your home comfortable. And the harder your HVAC works, the higher your utility bills will be.


Staying on top of your routine maintenance will prevent you from paying additional costs to repair or replace your system. Our team has over 39 years of professional experience–trust us to help you avoid the hassle of a broken heating and cooling system and conduct repairs quickly the first time around. 

Home Maintenance Services in the Washington DC Metro Area

Whether you have a maintenance plan or not, allow our professionally trained team to perform seasonal system checkups to make sure your units are efficient. With a well-working HVAC system, you will be able to remain comfortable all year long and you’ll be able to keep heating and cooling bills low. Rest easy before the summer heat sets in and inquire about your planned HVAC maintenance today. 

Take advantage of our seasonal specials! Call (703) 281-6300 or fill out our form to schedule a planned HVAC maintenance appointment.