Why You Need An Indoor Air Evaluation

Why You Need An Indoor Air Evaluation

Indoor air quality is more important than most people realize. Since you spend most of your time inside your home, its air can significantly affect your quality of living. With this in mind, you should seek an HVAC service provider and ask for an extensive indoor air evaluation to improve the quality of your home’s air. 

Among such HVAC companies is Argent Heating & Cooling. We are dedicated to helping homeowners in the Washington, DC, Metro Area to improve and maintain their home’s air quality. For over 45 years, we have operated with consistently high rates of satisfaction from our friendly service and affordable prices. We are among the best in the HVAC and air quality industry.

Here, we discuss why you should get an indoor air evaluation: 

The Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor air quality is a result of a building’s ineffective ventilation and filtration of the air, leaving you to breathe stagnant air with a high concentration of pollutants in it. Here are some of the effects you may notice due to poor indoor air quality: 

The Immediate Effects

Generally, the immediate effects of heavily polluted indoor air are irritation of the eyes, nose, or throat, as well as mild headaches, fatigue, and slight dizziness. These and other effects can often appear similar to the common cold or other viral illnesses, often making it difficult to find out whether they are caused by poor air quality or not. 

The short-term, immediate effects of poor indoor air vary greatly from person to person, since age and pre-existing chronic medical conditions are usually significant factors. Some may feel effects only after consistent and repeated exposure, while others are the moment they enter an indoor area with poor air quality. 

Being observant of your condition can help with this difficulty. Notice if symptoms go away after leaving a particular area or even the building altogether. Keep track of your symptoms and see if they affect you over a long period. 

The Long-Term Effects

They are often respiratory or cardiac diseases, as well as cancer. These effects are usually the result of lengthy, repeated periods of time exposed to poor air quality and can often be crippling and even fatal. 

Long-term effects are more difficult to spot as they usually appear months or years after exposure to poor air quality. While these effects are not guaranteed to be exhibited as a result of poor air quality, it is best to be proactive and avoid them by improving your home or office’s indoor air quality.  

The Reasons to Get an Indoor Air Evaluation

As discussed above, poor indoor air quality can potentially aggravate or even lead to debilitating medical conditions, thus making it vital for you to have the best possible indoor air quality possible. 

Here are several reasons why homeowners and businesses must maintain good air quality by hiring a professional to perform an indoor air evaluation. 


  1. Helps determine if something is wrong in their ventilation or air filtration system, as poor air quality is usually a sign of a larger problem. 
  2. Keeps home occupants and workers safe. Some workspaces, such as factories and garages, involve the use and storage of chemicals that disperse harmful fumes into the air. 
  3. Poor air quality can also affect productivity and focus among employees. Therefore, maintaining good air quality can help sustain your business. 
  4. Everybody shares the need to breathe good, clean air consistently. And getting an indoor air evaluation ensures that you, your employees, or your loved ones can do so. 

Argent Heating & Cooling: Effective Indoor Air Evaluation in Washington DC Metro Area

Indoor quality can affect the lives of those inside your home or business, which is why you should regularly keep track of it. Argent Heating & Cooling not only provides thorough indoor air evaluation services to residents and commercial businesses across the Washington DC Metro Area, but we also perform numerous HVAC repair and maintenance services. We dedicate ourselves to covering every aspect of your home or office’s heating, cooling, and air quality. Contact us today at (703) 281-6300 to get an indoor air evaluation or a professional HVAC service.