Do Air Cleaners Really Work?

Do Air Cleaners Really Work?

Air cleaners – also known as air purifiers – produce something valuable for everyone: clean, healthy indoor climates. Such conditions can be difficult to find in urban environments, including the Washington, DC, Metro area. With that in mind, the advantages of a professional air cleaner installation should speak for themselves. 


For all your appliance maintenance and installation needs, turn to Argent Heating & Cooling. Along with air cleaners, we offer services for HVAC units, generators, radiant heating systems, and more. A locally-owned and veteran-operated business, Argent has accrued 39 years in the business. We look forward to continuing our hard work, providing excellent customer service, and supporting homes throughout the region.


Below, we discuss whether air cleaners fulfill their manufacturers’ promises and create a hygienic environment:

How Air Cleaners Work

By definition, all air cleaners have a few parts: a filter (or filters) and a fan. The fan pulls  “dirty” air into the unit and circulates it through the cleaner’s filter(s). Doing so removes pollutants from the air, which the fan then blows back out.


Air filters are usually made of paper, fiberglass, or mesh, and they extract dust and pollen from the air. They do not remove all gases, yet the EPA still recommends installing air filters to reduce pollutant amounts in your home. Doing so prevents your home’s occupants from suffering the health effects of poor-quality air.

Different air cleaner models remove different contaminants – such as static – but may also cost more. Plus, no matter which kind you use, your air cleaner will have an operational cost. Moreover, its filter(s) will need replacement, though the frequency of that depends on the condition of your home’s air. 

The Efficacy of Air Cleaners

The value of home appliances comes from whether they perform the function their producer advertised. Air filters are no exception – so is it worth ordering one and having it installed? If you want to remove dust, pollen, and other allergens from your home’s air, then yes. 


Keep in mind that unfiltered indoor air contains 2-5 times more pollutants than outdoor air. Adults tend to spend a majority of their time indoors, both at home and at work. Thus, they live in environments with dangerous levels of pollutants.


The conditions of your home will determine the overall efficacy of air cleaners. Nevertheless, Argent’s recommended models are still effective shields against airborne toxins. For help in moderating humidity (or combating mold concerns), you should investigate humidifiers and dehumidifiers

Should You Buy An Air Cleaner?

An air purifier can help you maintain a healthy indoor climate and reduce allergy symptoms. What’s more, some filters can inactivate airborne viruses, including the common cold, strep, and influenza. Nevertheless, investigate all the available options before purchasing one. 


If you feel unsure where to begin, reach out to Argent. With our extensive experience and product knowledge, we can guide you through several high-quality options. Furthermore, we can test your indoor air quality and determine which model would suit the space best. 


Beyond this, we can handle your installation and maintenance needs. Try scheduling planned services to occur at regular intervals, which can ease the hassle of service. Doing so also ensures that your air cleaner works effectively and keeps your family healthy. 

Professional Air Cleaner Installation: Available Across the Washington, DC, Metro Area

An effective air cleaning system can make your home a breath of fresh air. Just call Argent Heating & Cooling for a professional air cleaner installation in addition to several other services. For 39 years, our team has taken care of HVAC and home appliance needs throughout the Washington, DC, Metro area. Now, let us help you: call us at (703) 281-6300 or fill out our online form for a service call.