Gas vs. Electric Water Heaters

Gas vs. Electric Water Heaters

Water heaters provide an essential benefit to homes and businesses, but they don’t last forever. So who should you turn to for professional water heater repair or installation in the Washington, DC, Metro area? And what benefits could a new gas or electric water heater provide you? 

Argent Heating & Cooling can fulfill all your requests for maintenance and guidance on HVAC, generators, air filters, and more. We provide excellent water heater repair and service for gas and electric models throughout the DC Metro region. Contact us today and set up a planned maintenance service to save money on your repair. 

Below, we describe the signs that your water heater is failing as well as which model you will need: 

Signs That You Should Replace Your Water Heater

  1. Its age
    We’ve discussed common reasons to replace water heaters in the past. The most common of these: it’s reached the end of its lifespan, which is usually about 10 years. However, heavy usage or regular upkeep can shift that timeline to 8 or 12 years. Thus, you should have your heater inspected before you decide to replace it.

    If you do not know your water heater’s age, check it for installation or servicing labels. If it lacks these, you can look up its serial number or production history online. These details may provide clues to its age and, thus, its condition.
  2. Its maintenance history
    Like all machines, water heaters require regular upkeep. Parts sometimes need replacement or cleaning. But without proper maintenance, these minor issues can worsen over several years and impede the heater’s ability to function.

    If you can determine your water heater’s maintenance history, consider how it may affect its condition. Regular upkeep improves its chances of continuing to run well. An overall lack of consistent maintenance signals that it may be reaching the end of its time.
  3. Indications of wear or damage
    The clearest signs of deteriorating water heaters tend to announce themselves. For instance, the heater’s tank may leak or let out odd sounds (banging, whistling, etc.). Additionally, you may notice a difference in your home’s water temperature, clarity, or color.

    A professional may be able to correct your water heater’s issues temporarily by servicing it. However, insistent problems tend to indicate that you need a replacement. 

If you notice one or more of the signs listed, think twice before installing a new water heater yourself. It’s a difficult process and, if done incorrectly, could damage your new heater or your home. Instead, choose a heater model that you prefer then contact our installation experts

Do You Need a Gas or an Electric Water Heater?

Before you purchase a new heater, establish what kind of power your current model uses: gas or electricity. Both energy sources can heat water equally well, but the model you purchase must suit your home’s energy supply. 

Virtually every household in the US has electricity, but not all have a gas connection. If your home lacks a gas hookup, then you must purchase an electric water heater. Never assume you have one or the other: check your system’s requirements before you purchase anything. 

Gas heaters usually have a higher initial cost than electric ones, but they also run at a more cost-effective rate. Yet no matter which power source they utilize, newer water heater models have better efficiency and lower operating costs than older ones. 

Professional Water Heater Repair Services for the Washington, DC, Metro Area

Although your schedule might be busy, don’t wait for your water heater to malfunction or give out. There’s never a good time to go without hot water. Contact Argent Heating & Cooling for professional water heater repair or replacement. We’ve not only met the needs of Washington, DC, Metro residents for 39 years but exceeded them through our premier services. 

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