What Is Wrong With My HVAC System?

What Is Wrong With My HVAC System?

Your HVAC is an intricate series of mechanisms and components that can be prone to deteriorate and break down given enough time. When problems with it begin to arise, it won’t be clear what’s wrong unless you have the knowledge to identify which parts of your HVAC system. With the assistance of an HVAC expert, you can easily determine what is wrong with your system and how to restore it.

Argent Heating & Cooling has been a trusted name in HVAC maintenance services for nearly 40 years. Our long service history has made us a team of highly-experienced technicians, all certified and trained in comprehensive HVAC repair, maintenance, and replacement services. Customers throughout the Washington D.C. Metro Area continue to choose Argent for our efficiency and friendly service.

Below, we offer some problems you may find in your HVAC system, their potential causes, and how they can be fixed:

High Energy Bills

Among the clearest signs of your HVAC system having an issue are exceedingly higher-than-normal energy bills. In normal circumstances, everyone’s heating and cooling systems take up a large chunk of our homes’ overall energy usage. However, if there’s an issue with your system, you’ll clearly see the difference in your energy bills.

Energy efficiency in an HVAC system largely depends on the condition of its components. If you’re noticing higher energy bills, it’s likely because a certain part needs replacement or repair.

A common reason is that a homeowner has left their air filters clogged. If filters aren’t regularly changed, airflow within the ventilation and duct system will slow down, forcing it to work twice as hard to heat or cool your home. If your bills remain high even after changing your filters several times, that means there is an even bigger issue with your system and will require professional HVAC repair services.

Start-Up Problems

Another problem you may notice with your HVAC system is when it has problems starting up. This can either be due to an ignition problem with the furnace, or a number of electrical and mechanical issues in the AC.

For the furnace, it’s important to check if the pilot light is on and if there is enough gas. Moreover, you should check if there are clogged filters as well, as it may be inhibiting your system’s start-up mechanism.

As for start-up issues with the air conditioner, there may be one or several problems. If you hear a clicking sound when you activate your AC, that means there is likely a problem with the system’s capacitors, which store electricity that will then be sent to the AC’s motors.

The AC may also have some mechanical issues that simply require expert HVAC maintenance to recover. The issue may be that the compressor has locked from overuse, or the motors need to be relubricated in order to help them move more smoothly.

In any case, start-up issues are tricky and often require the assistance of a skilled technician. Therefore, you should have the number of a reliable HVAC service on hand.

Water Leaking From Your Main Unit

Finally, a big sign that your HVAC system is having issues is if you find that your main unit is leaking, with a significant puddle of water around it. This can indicate that your unit has a refrigerant leak. You should check how much refrigerant is in your unit over a short period of time.

While the amount should always be the same, if it changes after a day or so, then you most likely have a leak, causing parts of your unit to ice over then melt. This may cause a pool of water to form around the unit. Other signs of this include hissing sounds coming from the unit whenever you turn it on, warm air exiting the vents, or ice forming on the evaporator coils.

Fixing leaks in your HVAC unit often requires calling in a technician, as finding the leak itself is difficult unless you have the right equipment and know-how.

Argent Heating & Cooling: HVAC Repair in Washington DC Metro Area

Your HVAC system will experience all kinds of issues over its lifespan. In order to extend it, make sure you keep it properly maintained with the help of a professional service like Argent Heating & Cooling. Our company has worked in the heating and cooling industry for over three decades, making our team amongst the most experienced in the area. We perform excellent HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation services for residents and businesses throughout the Washington DC Metro area.

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