Why is My Humidifier Not Working?

Why is My Humidifier Not Working?

As residents know, the DC Metro area’s summer climate delivers harsh levels of humidity. But here in the depth of winter, the air has dried out. While this feels like a blessed relief from raging heat, it also spurs unsafe conditions to form indoors. In particular, the lack of humidity deteriorates upholstery and allows germs to flourish.

This is why every home should have an effective humidifier. If your humidifier seems to be malfunctioning, reach out to Argent Heating & Cooling. We are the contractor that Washington, DC, Metro Area residents rely on for expert heating and cooling solutions. Our services include boiler, HVAC, heat pump, and professional humidifier repair. We take pride in clients’ positive reviews about our customer services and affordable options. You, too, can enjoy the benefits of our expertise and craftsmanship.

Below, we describe how humidifiers function and why they may break down:

What is a Humidifier?

As outlined on our website, a humidifier is a device or heater attachment that adds water vapor to heated air. Its purpose is to improve the climate of an interior space by maintaining its humidity level. Its benefits include reducing static electricity and protecting furnishings.

Take note of the crucial difference between a dehumidifier and a humidifier: the former removes moisture from the air. But both humidifiers and dehumidifiers save homeowners money. They help maintain stable temperatures within homes so that occupants feel more comfortable.

While many manufacturers produce humidifiers, Argent suggests Carrier products. Their performance, price, and ease of service outrank the competition. Plus, Carrier’s whole-home humidifiers work with your house’s heating system to efficiently set a healthy level.

Warning Signs

How can you tell whether your home has a healthy level of humidity? Experts suggest that indoor humidity levels should stay around 45%, but you will need a hygrometer to get a specific humidity reading. Instead, watch for warning signs that indicate too high or too low a level.

High levels of humidity cause condensation to form on windows, especially in cold weather. Low levels induce more static electricity, dry out skin and hair, and even lead to chipped paint. Worst of all, low humidity makes the air feel cooler, which negates its usefulness in winter.

If your humidifier malfunctions and your home’s humidity drops, one of a few issues may be to blame. The most common kind of problem involves the humidistat, the humidifier’s thermostat. These devices can be faulty or set incorrectly, resulting in a variety of issues.

Mechanical Problems

As machines, humidifiers are made from several parts, and each part can break or wear out. For instance, a clogged water inlet or saddle valve can prevent proper functioning and shut down the whole system. Without water, humidifiers can’t put moisture in the air.

Other common issues include malfunctioning motors, fans, and drains. Plus, due to their water usage, humidifiers can overflow or fail to drain properly. And without specialized knowledge and equipment, an amateur handyman might make these problems worse.

That’s why you should contact Argent for repairs or inspections. Our technicians can determine whether a problem exists, identify it, then fix it properly. Turn to a professional to ensure the job is done right.

Argent Heating & Cooling: Humidifier Repair in Washington, DC, Metro Area

As winter pushes on and we try to stay warm inside, make sure that your home has every advantage. Reach out to Argent Heating & Cooling for professional humidifier repair, installation, or inspection. We have served homeowners throughout the Washington, DC, Metro Area for 38 years. In that time, we’ve built a reputation for outstanding service, knowledge, and dedication to our work. Call us today at (703) 281-6300 or fill out our form online for a service call.