Why You Shouldn't Install A Water Heater Yourself

Why You Shouldn't Install A Water Heater Yourself

DIY projects have become increasingly popular due to the supposed costs of labor if they were to hire a professional. However, this popular trend shouldn’t stretch into the territory of home appliances, especially ones as sensitive and volatile as your plumbing or HVAC systems. 


At Argent Heating & Cooling, we offer over 35 years of experience in home appliance installation, repair, and maintenance. Our technicians are highly-trained and certified in quality radiant heating, efficient water heater installation, thorough indoor air evaluations, and more. Throughout the Washington DC Metro area, our technicians have helped hundreds of residents maintain their home comfort through affordable and effective services. 


Here’s why we suggest you shouldn’t install a new water heater in your home yourself: 

Potential Hazards From Small Mistakes

Installing a completely new water heater involves quite a bit of risk. Since they are cheap to operate, most homes have gas water heaters built into them. This means that if you are thinking of installing a new one yourself, you may want to reconsider. Without enough hands-on training and instruction, your installation may result in one or several mistakes that could put you, your family, and your home at risk. 


When installing a gas water heater, one big risk comes from dealing with natural gas, which is highly combustible. If you make a serious mistake during installation, you may cause a fire, or worse, an explosion in your own home. 


Furthermore, gas heaters also release a gas known as carbon monoxide, which is harmful to humans. What’s worse is that it’s hard to detect as it’s an odorless gas. A proper installation ensures that this gas is properly ventilated to avoid any harm. 

Lack of Knowledge

Beyond the risks involved, another reason you shouldn’t DIY a water heater installation is a general lack of product knowledge. We don’t mean that you aren’t capable of researching and learning all the ins and outs about water heaters. Much of what is necessary for performing a proper installation comes from years of experience, both in practicing as well as being part of the heating and cooling trade.


With a professional, you’ll not only get a great installation the first time around, you’ll also get the kind of water heater that fits perfectly within your home’s plumbing and HVAC system, as well as in your budget. 

Issues When Selling Your Home

Another reason you shouldn’t install a water heater yourself follows from the first section: a lack of knowledge and experience makes one prone to making even small mistakes. 


In the event of you selling your home, a DIY installation will require an inspection of your water heater’s systems in order to ensure your home is safe and cleared to be sold. 


This is where self-installation can snowball into more and more issues. Not only are you paying for an inspection, but if your water heater has been improperly installed, you’ll have to hire someone to make repairs, holding up the sale of your house.


In some cases, you’ll even have to perform a complete replacement, meaning you’ll be paying twice to have the same appliance installed. So, in order to ensure the installation goes well the first time, hire a professional service.  

Argent Heating & Cooling: Top Water Heater Installation in Washington DC Metro Area

There are plenty of feasible do-it-yourself projects that you can do for your home, but for the safety of your home, and your wallet, it’s best to hire a professional for any service involving your home’s heating and cooling appliances. Our team at Argent Heating & Cooling has performed countless services, including air conditioning repair, quality water heater installation, regular maintenance, and more, for residents throughout the Washington DC Metro area. Contact us at (703) 281-6300 for more information about our installation services.