The Top Three Benefits of Heat Pumps

The Top Three Benefits of Heat Pumps

The arrival of fall signals a shift from summer to winter climate controls. Air conditioners shut down (and receive Argent inspection and maintenance) while furnaces and radiant heaters come to life. Against the chilly weather, this comes as a great relief.

But what if one system supplied heating and cooling? What if it reduced your energy bill, adapted to all seasons, and could be maintained with ease? Contact Argent Heating & Cooling today and enjoy these perks with our professional heat pump installation. Heat pumps, which we have set up for clients throughout the Washington, DC Metro area, help to make homes efficient and comfortable year-round. Plus, their annual upkeep and usage are simple. We offer the best-rated heat pump systems on the market, and our technicians provide outstanding installation and maintenance services. 

Let’s get into further detail about the benefits a heat pump can bring to your home: 

Efficient Usage and Savings

First, what does a heat pump do? According to the US Department of Energy, a heat pump moves the heat from cool air into space with warm air. Thus, the pump blows warm air in during the winter and out during the summer. 

On its own, a heat pump probably can’t fulfill your home’s heating and cooling needs. It simply moves heat rather than generates it. But it can enhance the climate within your home, which can save you around 50% on heating costs

What’s more, you can earn tax credits and rebates for your HVAC system’s efficiency. Although you must check with your utility company, Argent Heating & Cooling currently has rebate programs with PEPCO, Dominion Virginia Power, BG&E, and DCSEU. So, in addition to using less energy, your utility company may lower your bottom line cost. 

Flexibility for Seasons

Since heat pumps do not generate heat, you may hear them referred to as ductless or cold-climate pumps. Even in freezing temperatures, they can pull warm air from outside and circulate it into your home. However, they become less effective in sub-zero conditions. 

Conversely, during the summer, the pump pulls warm air out of your home. In this way, it functions similarly to a refrigerator compressor. And since heat pumps operate consistently, they create a stable indoor climate. 

Also, heat pumps use electricity, so they are more efficient than traditional fuel-based heaters. They make homes more comfortable and efficient during every season.

Operation and Upkeep

Perhaps its greatest benefit, heat pumps are simple to use and maintain. Heat pumps are composed of two primary parts: a compressor on the outside of your home and a register inside. After installation, we suggest that you set your thermostat to a steady level and let your pump adjust to it. 

Heat pumps have a few filters that should be cleaned, but you can do so simply with a rag or brush. Its outdoor compressor should also be regularly brushed off. And should you notice any damage, contact Argent for inspection and/or repair. 

We’ve discussed previously the negative effects caused by faulty HVAC systems, which arise from daily usage. But installing a heat pump reduces the stress on your HVAC system, prolonging its life. Thus, a heat pump helps you to avoid costly HVAC repairs or replacements. 

Professional Heat Pump Installation for Homes in the Washington, DC Metro Area

Reach out to Argent Heating & Cooling and ask about our professional heat pump installation. Homeowners throughout the Washington, DC Metro area have taken this opportunity and enjoyed all the benefits that heat pumps bring. Call us today at (703) 281-6300 or fill out our online form to adapt your home to various conditions year-round.