What Is a “Smart” Smoke Detector?

What Is a “Smart” Smoke Detector?

In 2018, the average rate of structure fires was one every 63 seconds. In total, these fires caused $11.1 billion in damages over the course of that year. So, naturally, homeowners want to protect their homes with the best smoke alarms available. 

What better than a system that contacts emergency services for you? This isn’t science fiction: “smart” smoke detectors are now on the market. If you’re looking for professional smoke detector installation in the DC Metro area, reach out to Argent Heating & Cooling. We’re locally-owned and veteran-operated, specializing in installations and repairs. For more than 35 years, we’ve fulfilled our community’s HVAC, generator, and appliances needs. We can provide your family with the vital protection afforded by a “smart” fire alarm. 

Below, we explain how “smart” smoke detectors improve on conventional ones and discuss the perks of the new systems: 

What Makes Detectors “Smart”?

We all grasp the form and function of classic smoke alarms. But “smart” alarms and warning systems have only seen limited usage. So, similar to “smart” thermostats and lights, many people may be unfamiliar with these new devices. 

As mentioned above, a “smart” smoke detector doesn’t just sound an alarm: it can also contact the fire department. It does so through your home’s “smart” security system via the Wi-Fi network. This also allows the “smart” system to communicate with homeowners. 

If you aren’t home and the smoke detector goes off, it will send you an alert (just like a “smart” doorbell device does). Conveniently, in the case of false alarms, you can silence the system and call off the alert. 

Common Types of “Smart” Detectors

Not all “smart” smoke detectors are made equal, as different systems detect smoke in distinct ways. But the most common “smart” detectors are ionization, photoelectric, and dual-sensor: 

  • Ionization systems respond quickest to fast-burning fires, but they can also be triggered by something as benign as steam. 
  • Photoelectric systems are more sensitive to smoldering fires, but they may go off due to a buildup of dust.
  • Dual-sensor systems include both ionization and photoelectric tech, thus giving you the benefits of each. 

No matter what system you choose, you must decide whether it will be hardwired or battery-powered. 

Benefits of “Smart” Detectors

“Smart” smoke alarms have some clear perks: direct contact of emergency services, up-to-date tech, direct message, etc. Although more costly than traditional systems, the extra money provides greater safety for your home. 

Plus, a “smart” system may provide some surprise benefits. For instance, as we previously discussed, “smart” appliances/devices can increase your home’s resale value. If you ever decide to move from your current home, your “smart” alarms may be an extra appeal to buyers. 

Choose Experts in Smoke Detector Installation and Repair in the Washington DC Metro Area

The threats of structure fire and smoke damage aren’t going anywhere, so why not put the best detection system in your home? The complex technology doesn’t have to be an obstacle: reach out to Argent Heating & Cooling for “smart” smoke detector installation. Our services are available to residents throughout the DC Metro area. When you call us, you’ll get reliable service from locals who want to support their community. Call us today at (703) 982-0110 or schedule a service online.