3 Ways That Appliances Affect Your Home’s Resale Value

3 Ways That Appliances Affect Your Home’s Resale Value

Various aspects of your home may contribute to its value, such as providing high-quality utilities or impressive designs. If you are considering the current value of your home or seek to build one with the greatest potential value to other homebuyers long after its completion, one surefire source is the quality of appliances installed in your home. 

This factor is one that we at Argent Heating & Cooling evaluate within a clients’ home when estimating for one of our professional home appliance installations or when we work with custom home builders to ensure our clients’ design specifications are perfectly met. Our team has ensured that our customers throughout the Washington D.C. area receive the highest-grade appliances and the best service possible, which we have thrived at doing for over thirty years. Here are some of the ways that appliances can affect the overall value of your home: 

Outdated, Inefficient Appliances

Compared to having outdated, and thus less efficient, appliances in your home, investing in newer and more energy-efficient models will, in turn, create a more attractive home to potential buyers in the future. Areas such as your kitchen and bathroom will look more appealing, and the more recent you’ve installed those and other appliances, such as an HVAC system, the better it will function for you or the home’s new occupants. 

Moreover, even newer standard model appliances are far more energy-efficient than units originally installed in numerous homes. Therefore, installing newer appliances will result in smaller energy bills, and thus increase the value of your home. 

Lack of Appliances 

There are several home amenities that we take for granted in our homes, including the washer, dryer, and even an individual air-conditioner. While most homes should have several of these essential appliances built into them, some are simply left uninstalled, even though there are connections to the plumbing and electrical, as well as the gas lines. If that is the case in your home, consider the possibility of installing such missing appliances in your home. This will promptly add to the value of your home and captivate more potential buyers in the future. 

Non-Matching Components

While the essential purpose of appliances in your home is to provide a certain utility, they also have an aesthetic quality that can be significant to the value of your home, particularly for the value of custom homes or houses in the high-end market. Some potential home buyers may seek homes with a higher-end look in their interiors, which can be assured through the seamless blend of color schemes between, for example, a kitchen’s appliances along with its countertops and cabinetry. With matching components in your home’s interior design, it will appear more modern in style and much more impressive to possible buyers, thus increasing your home’s value in the future. 

Argent Heating & Cooling: Premium Home Appliance Installations in the Washington, D.C. Area

Checking on the function and appearance of appliances in your home is a small, but a highly impactful way for you to ensure the value of your home raises well above its average. If you would like to update or add new appliances to your home, consider working with a team of professionals such as Argent Heating & Cooling. We have worked in the heating and cooling industry for over thirty years. Throughout that time, we have successfully helped custom home builders and homeowners with expert home appliance installations throughout the Washington D.C. area. We provide high-end heating and cooling equipment, as well as excellent maintenance and repair services at affordable costs. Contact us at 1-877-82-6300 for more information on our services.