5 Signs You’re Overworking Your Heater

5 Signs You’re Overworking Your Heater

Many American households have some type of furnace installed before they move in, but sometimes they’re not the most reliable or efficient. They most likely need consistent maintenance from time to time, which can get costly, but once you understand how hard your furnace is working, then you can take preventive steps to avoid damaging it. Checking your heater for signs that it is overworking can save you time and money while liberating you from the aggravation of buying and installing a new one. 

At Argent Heating & Cooling, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality of heating equipment that’s reliable and affordable. We provide excellent heating maintenance services for our customers throughout the Washington D.C. Metro area. Plus, we can guarantee prompt and worthwhile services from our expert technicians. 

Here are five signs that you are overworking your heater: 

1. Not Adjusting Your Thermostat To Your Schedule

One of the most important details that most homeowners miss is that their thermostat should be adjusted to their schedules. When you are sleeping, this is the perfect time to turn your thermostat down. Likewise, when you are out of town for a number of days, the thermostat should be at mid-temperature. This will keep your heater working steadily. Ask Argent if a programmable thermostat would be the best option for you.

2. Your Heater Is Competing With Your Windows

If you have drafty windows, then the energy going into your heater is going to be wasted on trying to keep your house warm. Adding more insulation will keep the walls thicker so you can keep the air from escaping. Maybe even consider closing the gaps of your doors and weatherstripping your windows as necessary. 

3. Blocked Vents

While it may be an inconvenience, check to make sure that no furniture is covering the vents. The blocked airflow from a sofa or chair can cause your heater to overwork. Yet, there are different alternatives for those who are concerned about their interior design within the room. 

4. Ignoring The Filter 

If you aren’t changing your filter on a regular basis then you are going to run into some issues. The air filters need to be replaced periodically in order to keep your energy bills lower. Filters can range between $5-$30 and it depends on which air filter you want. The ones that last the longest are the more expensive options; however, you should talk to your local heating maintenance service to decide which filter is best for your furnace. 

5. Skipping Annual Maintenance 

Understandably, we only have so much time in a day to get all of our priorities done. But by just adding regular maintenance repairs to your heater you can increase its lifespan. Instead of waiting until your heater gives you issues, you can prevent yourself from having to waste money and time on a brand new furnace in the future. 

Choose Quality Heating Maintenance Services in the Washington D.C. Metro Area 

After reviewing the signs above, we hope that you feel relieved knowing your furnace will be cared for correctly. The team at Argent Heating & Cooling are on-call for you. When we perform our high-quality heating maintenance services, you can rest assured that our experienced technicians will provide a useful service to you. Our specialists have served the Washington D.C. area for over 30 years and can offer heating maintenance and repair services that you can trust. 

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