4 Things You Should Get Inspected This Spring

4 Things You Should Get Inspected This Spring

It has been a long winter, and with spring and summer quickly rolling in, you should start looking into the condition of your home’s HVAC system. Regular inspections are important so you can discover any defects or damage that has developed over the last few months to ensure that your HVAC system works efficiently all year long.

For a thorough inspection from a professional, choose Argent Heating & Cooling. Our team of experts are trained in locating and diagnosing issues within your HVAC system, as well as provide quick and easy indoor air appliance and thermostat repair services. We offer a number of services to residents of Sterling and all over Northern VA. From routine maintenance plans and indoor air evaluations, to appliance replacement and thermostat repair services, we ensure to satisfy your HVAC needs in a timely manner. Below is a list of appliances in your home that must be inspected this spring:

Water Heaters

Water heaters are usually tucked away out of sight, which leads to them being left out of most homeowners’ minds. However, without an occasional inspection, several issues can arise. For instance, water heaters produce a certain amount of carbon monoxide, and if a defect causes it to produce an unsafe amount, it can be a hazard to you and other inhabitants of your home or workplace. Have a professional check your water heater for any mineral or sediment build-up, which will cause damage and issues with your plumbing if left unaddressed.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

When it comes to the appliances that require immediate inspection, a carbon monoxide detector is a must. As it’s vital in keeping you and your family safe from unexpectedly high levels of CO within your home, having a properly working CO detector can also indicate whether certain indoor air appliances are in poor condition, such as your furnace and ventilation system. Incidents involving carbon monoxide aren’t uncommon and develop over time due to particular defects or damage involving your HVAC system that aren’t addressed over time. So, make sure that your receive an inspection on all carbon monoxide detectors within your home.

Air Conditioning Unit

During the warm spring and summer seasons, you will want to have your AC unit functioning properly, which is why it’s important to choose a professional implement a routine inspection.

At Argent Heating & Cooling, we check the amount of refrigerant, a chemical that is integral to keeping the air in your home cool, as well as any leaks that may drain it from your system, making sure the inside of your home stays at a comfortable temperature all spring and summer long. An air conditioning unit inspection will also involve determining how efficient your AC system is, which ensures you are expending the least amount of energy in your home and saves you more on your energy bills.


You may notice at times that your home’s temperature is significantly different than what you set it to on your thermostat. This may be due to a connection issue between the thermostat and your home’s HVAC system. An inspector can help with this by testing how accurate the HVAC’s performance is compared to your thermostat’s setting, checking the wiring to see if it has degraded over time, or can simply recommending solutions. Overall, regular inspection can result in discovering an issue early that would otherwise end up costing you much more.

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Having regular HVAC inspections is beneficial to both the condition and comfort of your home, as well as the weight of your wallet. Argent Heating & Cooling is recognized for serving the Northern Virginia area for over 30 years with reliable HVAC services. With a systematic and continuous base of knowledge, we ensure our trained and certified team provides expert services, including HVAC installations, maintenance, and thermostat repair services.

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