Why You Need An Indoor Air Quality Evaluation

Why You Need An Indoor Air Quality Evaluation

Most of our daily lives are spent indoors, whether it be at home, school, or work. It is important that these locations have clean air, proper ventilation, and efficient humidity control systems. While we may not think of it at first, the quality of the air indoors greatly affects our health and wellness.

At Argent Heating and Cooling, we assure the safety and comfort of your indoor environments with our top-notch indoor air quality evaluation process. Our air quality experts check for a wide variety of possible issues, such as window air leaks, which can result in a higher energy bill if left unattended. Similarly, several other problems are discovered from simple issues with your indoor air quality. Below are some reasons why an evaluation will benefit you.

Check If Your Ventilation System Works Properly

One reason why you should check your air quality is to search for signs that indicate your ventilation system isn’t working properly. These include noticeably stagnant and stale air or a clear difference in health outside your indoor environment. Such issues are usually the result of an increased concentration of CO2 from our breath. This can cause a number of discomforting health problems such as dizziness, shortness of breath, and even nausea. An air quality evaluation specialist from Argent Heating and Cooling will conclude that these were the result of poor indoor ventilation and discuss the potential solutions with you.

Inspect For Dangerous Gases and Chemicals

Another reason to get an indoor air evaluation is to find any possible presence of harmful chemicals or indoor pollutants, such as radon and carbon monoxide. High enough levels of these contaminants are extremely harmful and can come from several different sources. For example, carbon monoxide gas is released from leaky chimneys or furnaces, as well as gas water heaters, stoves, and fireplaces. Have an indoor air quality expert inspect for any dangerous gases or chemicals to ensure the safety of your home or place of business.

Maintain Health and Comfort In Your Indoor Space

An indoor air evaluation not only maintains the safety and security of our indoor spaces as it can also ensure our health and comfort within them. Clean air is an essential component of our physical well-being and is as equally important as what we eat and drink. Clean indoor air ensures less respiratory irritation and sickness, keeping you productive and focused at school or work, and provides healthy, uninterrupted sleep for you at home. Our professionals can measure the condition of your internal air systems and recommend improvements to make the air you breath crisp, pure, and free of pollutants.

Get an Indoor Air Quality Evaluation with Argent Heating and Cooling

If you notice any signs of poor indoor air quality, contact an indoor air evaluation expert to check your HVAC system today. At Argent Heating and Cooling, our highly-trained staff will discover any ventilation or air contaminant problems you may have, and offer a list of potential solutions for you to choose from. Keep your indoor environments healthy with an indoor air evaluation.


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