The Three Benefits of Radiant Heating

The Three Benefits of Radiant Heating

Do you ever avoid a certain room in your home because it’s much colder or hotter than the others? While the living room may be warm and cozy during this winter season, your bedroom may be freezing and unbearable. What if there was a way to control the heat and air conditioning throughout your house so you can stay comfortable year-round? Argent Heating & Cooling in Northern Virginia offers radiant floor heating, baseboard heating, and geothermal heating installations and repairs to make your home more welcoming for everyone. Here are a few benefits of having radiant heating installed in your home!

1. Energy Efficient

When it comes to installing heating and cooling systems, one of the main concerns is how much energy will be used. Radiant heating is powered by water or electricity, where the heat is generated in a more natural manner. Heat circulates throughout your home at a more steady pace, saving energy. The most environmentally-friendly type of radiant heating Argent Heating & Cooling offers is geothermal heating. It uses natural heat from the ground to heat your home and then generates it into cool air during the warmer months to maintain a consistent temperature.

2. Money Saving

Heating and cooling systems can be pricey to purchase and get installed, and the energy bills can add up quickly if you aren’t careful. Whether it’s radiant heated floors, baseboard heaters, or geothermal heating, radiant heating systems can save you money because of how energy efficient they are. The ability to control them however you please, such as turning them off if needed, can save money as well. They’re also remotely easy to run, requiring little to no maintenance and further saving you money.

3. Controllable

Maintaining each room at the same temperature can be tedious, and radiant heating is a way to control each individual room on your own. Instead of getting a restless night’s sleep due to a freezing bedroom, you can change it to a temperature suited just for you. You can also avoid the cold tile kitchen floor in the morning with heated flooring!

Live Comfortably with an Argent Heating & Cooling Radiant Floor Heating Installation in Northern VA!

Argent Heating & Cooling offers several different options for radiant heating in Northern Virginia to ensure you can always be comfortable in your own home. Whether it’s floor heating installation, baseboard heater maintenance, or geothermal heating repair, our team at Argent Heating & Cooling will make sure your home is cozy for all seasons. Contact us today at (703) 281-6300 to save on planned maintenance services!