4 Reasons Why You Should Own a Service Agreement

4 Reasons Why You Should Own a Service Agreement

1. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This applies to your home’s health as well as your own. Most of the calls we receive are of an urgent to emergency nature. And the breakdowns have a habit of occurring at the worst possible times, like the day you’re hosting a party. Spending a little bit of money on maintenance is a lot better than a huge bill for a major repair.

2. We’ll contact you. With so much else on your mind, it’s easy to forget to book those annual system check-ups. Our service agreement customers get a call or postcard from us to remind them it’s time to be visited by a capable technician who will fix little problems before they become big ones.

3. You’ll get special treatment. Our service agreement customers get preferred pricing and call scheduling. To us, a service agreement customer becomes part of a network of friends. Many of our service agreement customers develop relationships with the technicians who service them and often request them by name. One reason we charge less to service agreement customers is because we rely on them for referrals and public reviews that help to build our business. It’s a win-win all the way.

4. You want someone you can trust. You take a risk every time you do business with someone you don’t know. Service agreements enable you to evaluate our performance time and time again.

Argent offers a maintenance plan service agreement that will set you up for continued service. Take care of your home with proper check-ups on your systems before small issues become costly repairs. Signing up for our maintenance plan will keep you at the top of our list should you needs services in an emergency.



Edited: 3/12/2018